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Electric. Dynamic. Passionate.

Pastor Rodney C. Griffin, Jr. is a pastor, speaker, mentor, and innovative leader who has committed himself to impactful ministry. Today he serves as the Organizing Pastor of Greater Grace Church in Merrillville, IN. This fifth-generation pastor has embraced the fundamentals of old school pastoring and preaching along with new school ministry techniques.

He emphatically believes that in order to serve this present age, we must change our method not our message. 

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Let's Pray Together

Living in these times of Covid, the reality is that we spend an exuberant amount of time praying for and checking on members, friends and family. We are often pulled on because of our role but the question is, who is praying for you? Who is taking the time to ensure that you are lifted before the throne? It’s great to have a spouse, family member or close friend to talk to but the reality is that no one who has never walked in your shoes will understand the things you deal with. 

It is for this reason that I want to invite you to “Let’s Pray Together” each Sunday morning at 6:30am CST before you mount the pulpit, before you comfort the grieving family, before you encourage the broken heart, before you counsel the member that’s disturbed—let’s begin our Sunday with prayer.